1. The Cycle of Clean Tap Water

    Globally, more than 946 million people still use the bathroom outside. Unfortunately, these same people also use that “toilet" water for all of the other functions in life -- bathing, cooking, drinking. Here in the United States and other first world countries, water comes out of a tap as clean and drinkable and we wash our waste -- excrement or otherwise -- into sewer systems so that other peop…Read More

  2. How Does Reverse Osmosis Work?

    Reverse osmosis is a popular alternative to other forms of home water treatment or filtration options. Using the reverse osmosis process in your home can help improve the taste and odor of your tap water, making it safe enough for your family to drink. A reverse osmosis water filter is easy to install at your kitchen tap, refrigerator, or ice machine. At AquaThin NJ, we offer water filtration syst…Read More

  3. Don’t Drink the Water! Water Sources You Should Never Drink From

    It is true, water is the best thing for every living being to drink. Both humans and the world are composed of 70 percent water and we need it to survive. It is also true that humans have existed for millennia by surviving on subpar water. However, even prior to population booms and industry dumping chemicals into water sources, people were aware of the sources of less than ideal drinking water an…Read More

  4. What Makes Tap Water Unsafe to Drink?

    Water is critical to the life and health of every living being on Earth. Since the 1990s, the world water crisis has become mainstream news and major efforts have been geared at cleaning up the problem and provide safe drinking water to the world. With incidents like Flint, Michigan, although it is not the first large-scale public tap water problem, more attention tends to be paid to the safety of…Read More