It is true, water is the best thing for every living being to drink. Both humans and the world are composed of 70 percent water and we need it to survive. It is also true that humans have existed for millennia by surviving on subpar water. However, even prior to population booms and industry dumping chemicals into water sources, people were aware of the sources of less than ideal drinking water and how to avoid them. Drinking poor quality water provides more than just a foul odor or taste, but can also make you very sick and has a potential to be fatal. Before you lap up the next wet puddle for the sake of quenching your thirst, read about some of the water sources you should never drink from!

Drinking water includes any activity where you ingest the water — drinking, performing oral hygiene, rinsing food, cleaning cooking utensils, and douching or enemas.

#1. The Ocean, or Any Saltwater Source

Never, under any circumstances, should you drink ocean or other salt water. Remember chemistry class and the laws of solutions? Where salt goes, water follows. So, when you drink salt water, you are worsening your situation by removing what water was in your cells and vascular system, out and into your gastrointestinal system where it will be eliminated from your body, dehydrating you further! The only safe way to drink salt water is by first distilling it.

#2.Standing Water

Although it is not recommended to drink directly from any natural water source without first cleaning the water to ensure there is no animal waste or chemicals, moving water — creeks and rivers — are a much safer alternative to standing water — ponds, lakes, puddles. Never drink standing water as it is a breeding ground for bacteria and insects.

#3. Anything Marked “NonPotable”

Any water source, even if it looks like a drinking container, that reads “non-potable,” “do not drink,” or “no safe to drink.” These are all written warnings that the water contained within has not been treated and is not safe to drink. Common sources of non-potable water are holding tanks, irrigation systems, and bathroom sinks at rest stops and campgrounds.

#4. Swimming Pools

While this one should come as no surprise, it is worth mentioning due to how incredibly unsafe drinking even a mouthful of pool water can be. Whether it is an Olympic-size community swimming pool or your backyard kiddie pool filled with a hose, these water sources contain harmful chemicals that should not be consumed, in addition to the fact that it is the bathwater for whoever enters it! Most swimming pools contain chlorine, which when ingested in large amounts can cause GI problems and even kidney failure, cancer, and death.

#5. Bottled Water

Unfortunately, many people are tricked into purchasing bottled water and drinking it based on the illusion that the crystal springs or flowing waterfall from which it came is pure, clean water. Unfortunately, this just isn’t true and fifth grade science class taught us that. Remember the water cycle, water is evaporated from various surfaces, condenses, and falls back to earth, over and over. There really is no such thing as pure water. Additionally, bottled water is nothing more than a marketing tactic to sell you something that should be free. Most times, it is nothing more than tap water with a pretty label and a sealed cap.

#6. Your Home’s Tap

The clean water that flows into your home from your city water system or private well should have been treated to remove some of the contaminants to meet federal and state regulations. However, we have already discussed what makes tap water unsafe and the difference between actually safe and legally safe drinking water. And, when was the last time your internal plumbing system was thoroughly cleaned? If you are like the majority of the world’s residents, the answer is never.

So, after terrifying you into realizing the truth, that there are no completely safe drinking water sources, what are you supposed to drink? Not to worry, water can be cleaned, purified, and made safe for you to drink. In a survival situation, using water purification tablets or boiling fresh, natural water can remove enough of the contaminants to make it safe for survival. However, in your home, you can invest in an Aquathin water filter to remove the impurities in your tap water and make your faucets safe to drink from for your entire family. For more information or to order your Aquathin water purifier, visit us online or call us today! We strive to provide only the cleanest drinking water to each household — first in New Jersey, and then worldwide!